1 . Sino-Finnish Design Park is listed as key international industrial park for investment promotion

2 . Winning two awards “Shenzhen International Industrial Park for Investment Promotion” and “Global Express to Innovation and Entrepreneurship” awarded by Shenzhen Investment Promotion Bureau

3 . Jointly establishing “Teaching Practice and Training Base” with Jiangxi Normal University College of Fine Art

4 . Awarded the First “Cross-Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Base” in China by Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council

5 . The domestic first Fablab Open Innovation Lab OIL, jointly established by Sino-Finnish Design Park and MIT, enters Sino-Finnish Design Park; holding the activities of “International Open Source Circular Economy Days ● Shenzhen Station”

6 . American Indiegogo, the global largest open crowd funding platform, firstly hits market in China--Indiegogo Chinese Innovation Project Selection is grandly held in Sino-Finnish Design Park

7 . Opening and holing Sino-Finnish Session of the 11th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair (ICIF)

8 . The only overseas exhibition hall of the IF design awards in Germany is located in sino-finn design garden

9 . CHEN Deming, Director of Cross-Strait Exchange Association, and the accompanying persons investigate Sino-Finnish Design Park

10 . Kukkapupo International Art Gallery (Shenzhen Gallery) of Professor Yrjo Kukkapupo, a Finnish design master, enters Sino-Finnish Design Park

11 . Yrjo Kukkapupo, a professor at the Kukkapupo international art gallery (shenzhen art museum) and a Finnish design master, entered the design of zhongfen park

12 . Chairman Ralph Weigmann of Germany if design awards, visit and survey Finn park design

13 . Design Office (China) of Karim Rashid, top industrial designer in America, enters Sino-Finnish Design Park

14 . Kareem rashid design office (China), senior industrial designer in the United States, entered the design of sino-finn park

15 . Holding the first “Shenzhen International Maker Week” Futian Station: Authorization Conference for International Fablab (Shenzhen)

16 . Undertaking Shenzhen Session of Review Meeting for Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award 2015—the global top design award for ethnic Chinese

17 . National Public Entrepreneurship & Innovation Week—Shenzhen Entrepreneurship & Innovation Force is held in the capital Beijing

18 . Awarded “Futian District Cultural Creative Industrial Park” by Futian District Cultural Industry Development Office