Sino-Finnish Design Center
It mainly absorbs the middle and small-sized international design and innovation enterprises and brand institutions, as well as international cooperation projects and the Sino-foreign joint ventures in design and innovation.
Sino Space
The open is Maker Space that mainly rents the work positions is the incubator of start-up small and micro enterprises, which provides bright and comfortable office environment and all kinds of hardware facilities. Meanwhile, it combines various resources in the park to provide the soft environment to facilitate the growth of small and micro enterprises, which is the first choice for makers and small and micro enterprises.
Youth Entrepreneur Center Cross Straits
Through gathering the youth makers in Shenzhen and Taiwan, the base integrates research and development, exhibition, training, incubation and facilitation, intelligent property protection, brand promotion, finance and other services into one body.
Headquarters of International Design Brands
The well-known design brands from home and abroad have gathered and entered here to construct the international biological chain that integrates the production, study, research and funding on innovative design.
Zero to One
Gathering of product fields: open-source hardware, mobile Internet, IT software-and-hardware, wearable devices, smart home, unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics and other information technologies of new generation; The Park can assist with innovative positioning, cultivation of operational skills, feasibility visualization, and penetration into market;
Grown-up Helping Start-up
Professional guidance of leading enterprises.Corporate mentor group can assist venture teams in. Relying on industrial resources of Shenzhen Industrial Design Association, the Park can recommend corporate mentor group of the highest standards for the quality teams at counseling period.
Brand promotion services
Through online media such as the park's official website, WeChat and Microblog, etc., implement enterprise brand promotion and publicity; high-end multi-functional exhibition hall can be used by enterprises for product and brand promotion
Product planning services
Integrate with the resources of design innovation and intelligent manufacturing industry chain, provide industrial design, PCB, sample making, supply chain management, mass production and other services.
Channel related services
Domestic and foreign e-commerce and crowdfunding platforms: Jingdong, Taobao, Tmall, British China Brand Center, KICKSTARTER, INDIEGOGO as well as domestic and foreign offline stores, etc., provide product services through various channels
Financing related services
Enterprise valuation, investment structure design, communication with suitable investors, project roadshow and other equity financing related services
Activity organization services
Organize to participate in park enterprise interactive activities, design professional interaction forum, salon, etc., provide activity planning consulting and related services; provide opportunities to visit cooperation institutions, association member companies or cooperation parks across the country for industry investigation and visit. Obtain the latest information on domestic and foreign exhibitions, and provide integrated services on exhibition planning and arrangement
Award application consulting
Consulting services on the application for domestic and foreign famous awards. Such as: Red Dot, iF, IDEA, G-MARK, Governor Cup.
Rental of other functional spaces